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You've heard of "technology as fast as you think"?

Well.. we have done it. We can build develop components to your system within 5 days and customise to your needs. 


Challenge to rethink your business

Sometimes doing the same thing all these years, will make you think like a sloth.

Discover what we have done for our clients to transform their existing business. 


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Digital Transformation Platform 

Transform your organisation with ready apps or start customising according to your specific needs. 

Apps/ modules for every part of your organisation, from marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR and collaboration. 

All apps/ modules can be extended to a customised mobile app. 

Customisation will be on top of proven world class technology such as Odoo, Liferay and Spring Boot. 

When the Data Center met the Cloud

Power your systems with our enterprise level data centre and cloud services. Horizontal & Vertical scaling and burstable bandwidth. 

We manage your disaster recovery, systems, security & backup with 24/7 Helpdesk support, so that you can focus on the more important "stuff" 

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We have gone virtual 

Agility is everything during this COVID 19 pandemic.

It took us some rethinking in how we operate.  We are now working virtually and remotely to adapt to this new "norm". 

Interested to be part of our team?  

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SKALI is a story of a survivor; a story of a brand that has managed to overcome many challenges and surge forward in its quest to deliver benefits to the communities it interacts with.

The SKALI story began when the internet euphoria was still in its infancy, when a group of aspiring five young guns and a lady decided to join forces and be part of the excitement in the 1990s.

The first SKALI project was conceived when they clinched the licensing deal to operate the Asian based mirror website for AltaVista, a search engine that was fast growing in popularity then. They had a difficult start with many great challenges right from securing the deal to getting investments into the company and realising their business plans. It did not take them long before they realised their business model was not working as planned. Matters had gotten worst in just a few months and the company was facing threatened bankruptcy.

Their team spirit and togetherness made them stalwarts who did not give up easily. With a revived business model, plus more sweat and tears, and support and encouragement from each other, they have grown by leaps and bounds.

SKALI officially became a brand name when http//:altavista.skali.com was launched in June 1997. The brand name was deemed appropriate as in Malay “sekali” means TOGETHER. It was the spirit of “togetherness” that made them one and strong, and ready to face and overcome their challenges. And “togetherness” has become the fundamental philosophy of SKALI’s culture.

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